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Head Shots

Creating the right impression makes first impressions really important. Photographing people to get professional  head shots takes time and skill. Do ‘selfies’ give your business the right impression?

Photographing people in a business environment is challenging. You want your people, who represent your business, to look approachable and relaxed. Yet, with head shots, that’s often not the way it appears. Often I hear “I hate having my photograph taken!”

The good news is it doesn’t have to be that painful…

Why have head shots?

Head shots are an important tool in marketing and communicating the right message of what your company stands for and the services it offers. Meet the team pages, marketing materials, events and social media accounts. The list is endless! They need to be clear, honest and professional. It is good to reflect each individual’s personality, too. In order to achieve this, I invest a little time to help people relax. With consultation I will seek out the best environments and use appropriate backgrounds. This makes for much better results. Results you will be pleased with – and so will your team.

How can I help?

A free consultation about your company branding and colours will ensure that these are reflected, where needed, in the head shots. I will bring my mobile studio to your premises so that minimal work time interruption is avoided. You will enjoy over 20 years of my experience in photographing people that will result in happy head shots.

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