Hi. I’m Maree Lock and I have been a Professional photographer for 19 years now for years.

I need to let you into a secret: I love people! I love to get the most out of them, put them at ease and capture great shots that really reflect the true person. That’s really important for a business shoot . To me the results should be just as powerful.

I started photography as a hobby, but because I loved it so much, and the results that I could achieve, I knew I wanted it to be more than that. So I decided to do it commercially… And I’ve been doing that now since 1997.

For me creating fantastic images is often about seeing situations and people slightly differently. I love capturing something a little quirky and unique as part of a shoot – it often evokes a smile or an “Oh wow!”

But most of all it is about you, not me. I want you to have the photographs you want and deserve, and I would love to shoot them for you!

If I sound like the kind of photographer you want to work with, then please give me a call on 07880714698.